You’ve Got to Know, and the Operative Word is Know, When to Hold’em.

It’s no play on words to say that each time I record a podcast; I’m really just calling it in. That’s how the podcast is set up. I call from my cell phone and record over the line in the least sophisticated manner possible. There’s no postproduction, no bumpers, no sound effects or transitions. It’s just me recording my latest observations for the sake of sharing with my audience. This podcast seemed easy enough until I started to reflect upon the subject and what it might mean in the greater scheme of things.

As I sat down to write about gambling and what I see of it from the driver’s seat of my cab, I thought I’d be able to point the finger at all the gambling addicts both seasoned and green without considering much else. But before I could shine a harsh light on their habit, it occurred to me that the gambler in front of the craps table or the slot machine, the one that takes risks and assumes the inevitability of future losses, does so in a very deliberate manner. They’re aware of the stakes and fully prepared to accept the losses. It may be argued that, while gambling, an individual’s judgment might be impaired or that he or she wasn’t completely able to comprehend the extent to which losing would impact their lives. But, with that said, the gambler, in the act of gambling, is living in the moment, fully aware of the fact that he or she is gambling.

Life and every action we take while conducting our lives, from stepping into the shower to eating a hamburger, carries some sort of risk. If there is risk involved than we are, in some small way, gambling. The question then becomes; is the gambler the only person among us truly aware of what’s at stake?


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