Why Yes, I’ll Have Another Vodka-Tonic.

Wow, that's a splitting headache! I spent the better part of Monday afternoon in a sort of hangover triage, recovering from my umpteenth dose of vodka-tonics. There's obviously a direct correlation between how much one drinks and how much one spends to drink. If liquor is free and the time spent waiting in line is less than 2 minutes, it looks like I'll drink a gallon of whatever they're giving away.

Such was the sight down at the Mount Tabor Legacy on 48th and SE Hawthorne Blvd. for the November 4th Barfly Awards. Good lord, there must have 500 people in the joint, each smoking 15 cigarettes apiece. I blew through a pack in less than 4 hours and managed to yammer on about this blog and its attendant podcast (which picked up 12 new subscribers over the next 24 hours, I might add).

Many thanks to Jen Lane, the publisher of Barfly Magazine, and all her crew, for putting together an absolutely fantastic party. I also have to thank Jen Procter and Scott Gillan who, independent of each other, nominated me in the "Favorite Cabbie" category. I didn't win but it was a great honor just to be considered and a lot of fun just to take part in the campaigning. Congratulations go out to Holly Morgan of Radio Cab fame, she took home the prize and deservedly so since she's a great asset to the company.

It was my intention to podcast from the event and I did so with all the aplomb of an ape with a tape recorder. What a mistake! Thankfully my subject, Julian Chadwick, a Portland blogger over at PDX Pipeline, was gracious enough to provide me an impromptu interview and somehow fought the urge to submerge the mic in my last few ounces of Stoli. There's a reason we never hear good content spoken in that woozy slur of heavy inebriation; vodka not friend.


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