Customers Coping

Death touches all of our lives. Some of us are able to weather the hardship and cope with the circumstances while others experience the ordeal through their own uniquely skewed sense of reality. How much more difficult is the death of a loved one if you're dealing with the debilitating effects of methamphetamine addiction?

In the dismal grip of mourning, meth addicts are forced to again reach for the same false elation from a drug that is slowly devouring their own lives. How do they cope with it all and continue day after day?

I once had a former cabbie in my taxi, himself a recovering meth addict, tell me of his final days as a driver. Having long ceased to pick up any dispatched orders, his only fares had become his drug confederates. His addiction had reached such epic proportions that he would go sleepless for days at a time only to "crash" from exhaustion and sleep, without interruption, for several more days. Stories like his are so ubiquitously generic that it's impossible for a keen eye to fail in spotting these lost souls.

Mindy, whom I picked up at the hospital, after she had visited her dying father, is one of those lost souls. We spoke very little but her story came out loud and clear.


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